Drafting Services

Drawing is completed according to the client's standards, specializing in the oil and gas. Efficiently drafting various types of equipment gathered from the inspection company.

NDE Reporting

As per client's request we are providing AutoCAD, data entry, document control, inventory of equipments and document management reports in detailed hard or electronic copy.

Document Management

We are capable of managing and organizing documents for small to large projects. We have the capacity to process and store hard copy and electronic documentation. Scanning and managing old documents and renaming to clientele's naming convention. Organize and merge old and new reports into one directory for easy access.

Web Design

We are an experienced website design and application development company with many customers in across Canada and internationally. Our focus is to create websites that represent each business at its best. We develop custom web applications using the latest technologies

Application Development

We develop software projects for small- and medium-sized businesses using a wide range of programming technologies. We provide a complete solution for designing, developing, launching, marketing and monetizing your application.


More Details

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